It's Friday, Time to Have a GIF Dance Party

It doesn't matter who you are, because it's time to party and GIF yourself some fun. Everyone can dance:


    By Nobody-
  • Neil Degrasse Tyson Busting Open a Dance Floor

    By Unknown
  • Chihuahuas Love To Salsa

    By Unknown
  • George Takei Shaking What His Mama Gave Him

    By Unknown
  • Even If You Fail, You Still Tried

  • Dancing Works Great as an Entrance

    By Unknown
  • Also as a Means of Keeping The Elevator Door Open

    By Unknown
  • Lego's Can Even Dance

    By Unknown
  • Squirrels Will Also Dance (For Treats)

    By ToolBee
  • If I Had a Cool Matching Hat/Shirt Combo Like That I'd Brag About It Too

    By Unknown
  • Dancing is a Great Way to Build Up an Appetite For Kitchen Fun

    Via: Capn Skull
  • And to Play Cyber Pong in a Future Dystopic Society of Cyber Goths

  • Sometimes Your Nightmares Have to Dance

    By Unknown
  • It's Always Good to Have a Victory Dance

  • Even This Lizard Can Get Down

    By _C_A_T_ (Via: Youtube)
  • Dancing Sometimes Involves Moving Your Pants Region Like It's Your Whole Body

    By Unknown
  • Dance Can Be a Great Way For People to Empower Themselves

    By Unknown
  • If Mandalorians Can Find a Reason to Fett Down Tonight So Can You

  • Although No One Can Touch Dancing Dad's Sick Moves

    By Unknown
  • Though These Kids Will Try

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