20 Gifs Celebrating National Hug Your Cat Day!

We all know how lovable and huggable our feline buddies can be and today is the day to commemorate that wonderful affection unique to our furry, purry friends. Claws in, paws out...LET'S HUG!

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    Catch Me!

    Via: podrickforking

  • 2

    Ta Da!

  • 3

    Coming in for a Wiggly Hug!

    Via: heebicular

  • 4

    On the Wings of Love!

    Via: gs1.wac.edgecastcdn.net

  • 5

    Escape for a Little Embrace

  • 6

    Hug Attack!

    Via: anton5009

  • 7

    Don't You Love Me Anymore?

    Via: Bing

  • 8

    I'll Just Wait Here Until You're Ready

  • 9

    If You Won't do it, I'll Hug Myself!

  • 10

    Here, I'll Show You...Just do This...

    Via: gifak-net.tumblr.com

  • 11

    Well, This is a Good Start...

    Via: gifak-net.tumblr.com

  • 12

    Um...Does This Work for Ya?

    Via: Google

  • 13

    Dreamy Hugs

  • 14

    You Need These Thingies to do it

  • 15

    I Hug You...No, I Hug You!

    Via: OUF tivi

  • 16

    Sometimes You Don't Know When it's the Right Time for Hugs...

    Via: lawebloca.net

  • 17

    Whoa! I Said Hug...Not That!

  • 18

    High Five? I'm Going in for the Real Thing!

    Via: lawebloca.net

  • 19

    I'm Ready for That Hug When You Are!

  • 20

    Today is a Great Day for Hugs...And Snuggles!

    Via: Animal GIFs

  • 21

    Oh, We Thought You Left Us

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