10 Funny Girlfriends With A Sharp Sense of Humor That Are the Real Deal

These ladies know how to keep a relationship interesting with razorsharp wit, and not taking things too seriously. 

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    That's how you celebrate a 9-month anniversary!

    Via: Handtuch34

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    When you dress up as your boyfriend for their birthday, and absolutely nail it...

    Via: mattbozle

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    Dude's girlfriend becomes an insane poet while sleeptalking

    Via: Soggybrick

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    This lucky bastard came home to one hell of a surprise. Color us envious.

    Via: gonzoblair

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    Better hope she doesn't follow you on Twitter...

    Via: @LilRedThang_

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    This guy's girlfriend gave his toothpaste a reasonable makeover...

    Via: wittywhit

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    Nnnnooo! Anything but that.

    Via: yo_sup_d00d

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    Solid investment, right here!

    Via: vemale

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    Kiiinda gross, but definitely sweet!

    Via: Qcumbaman

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    THIS is what true love looks like

    Via: Reprimize
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