My Top Five Funny Things: Comedian Jake Weisman

Jake Weisman is a comedian in Los Angeles, CA. He has a sketch group called WOMEN. He is also a new face at this year's Just For Laughs comedy festival. Jake loves cats and so do you, so it's perfect.

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    Matt Ingebretson is a hilarious young comedian who is great at stand-up and making sketches.

    Via: Matt Ingebretson
    Check out 'The Record Collector', then head to Matt's YouTube channel for more great stuff.

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    Everything Bridger Winegar posts on Twitter is brilliant.

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    Via: Bridger Winegar
    Start up a glam squad with Bridger on Twitter.

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    Kate Berlant and John Early make amazing, unique videos. I love this one called "Paris".

    Via: Kate Berlant and John Early
    Kate Berlant and John Early are doing good things on Youtube.

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    Pat Bishop is extremely talented. He wrote and directed "G.I. Joe: Drone Operator".

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    Via: Funny or Die
    Check out all of Pat's stuff on his Funny or Die page.
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    Megan Amram has the funniest Tumblr in the world. "Shakespearean Spam" is my favorite.

    Cheezburger Image 8263115008
    Via: Megan Amram
    Check out "Shakespearean Spam" and more on Megan's Tumblr.

    Thanks to Jake for sharing! Follow him on Twitter to greatly increase your daily laugh count. You are counting your daily laughs, right?

    We'll share another Top 5 Funny Things list in August. Check out our previous post with Yannis Pappas!
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