Roundup: Best Cosplay from Day 2 of San Diego Comic-Con

Cool, cute or hot, it doesn't matter, we have the best cosplay highlights from Friday at San Diego Comic-Con,

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    This Iron Man Runs on an Arc Steam Engine

    Via: dommah

  • 2

    Jessica Nigri and Angelica Dawn Follow The Assassin's Creed

    Via: David Ngo

  • 3

    I Found The Droid I'm Looking For

    Via: TucsonToyHunter

  • 4

    The Walking Dead's Melissa McBride Caught Carol and Sophia Looking at the Flowers

    Via: MelissaMcBride

  • 5

    Anna Prosser Being None Other Than Anna

    Via: Anna Prosser

  • 6

    Remember When Mega Man Met Blink?

    Via: Source Fed's Instagram

  • 7

    The Cutest Dragon Trainer And His Creepy Pet

    A post shared by Jason McClellan (@acecentric) on

    Via: acecentric

  • 8

    Beware Face Huggers

    Via: cynicalmanchild

  • 9

    Nicole Salera is Taking Care Of The Red In Her Ledger

    Via: Nicole Salera

  • 10

    Evil Fett, Doing Sick Jumps

    Via: Darth_Bond

  • 11

    Gender Bent Castiel Has a Mighty Wingspan

    Via: isis_nocturne

  • 12

    Toph Getting Ready Before The Big Day

    Via: 500daysofme

  • 13

    Pocahontas Gets Oppressed In Future Hunger Games America

    Via: katelynnmcd

  • 14

    Aang Takes Appa To The Con

    Via: Korra Nation

  • 15

    Meagan Marie as Wonder Woman

    Via: Meagan Marie

  • 16

    Awesome Transformers Cosplay

    Via: patrick_yacco

  • 17

    Gravity Falls Makes The Cutest Family Cosplay

    Via: addicteddoodler
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