My Top Five Funny Things: Comedian Dave Hill

Dave Hill is a comedian, writer, performer, musician and artist. Dave does many things, one of which is hosting The Goddamn Dave Hill Show every Tuesday night. If you're in Brooklyn on September 3, you can watch Dave perform at Union Hall and get your uniquely high pitched laugh recorded for his upcoming album.

  • That little dog seriously doesn't give a f**k about anything.

    Dave Hill,My Top Five Funny Things
  • I suspect this might be fake, but I still love the idea of a guitar player shredding so hard that this happens.

    Via: Röven!
  • My friend Eric Gilliland only tweets about his soup intake. On the one hand, it's excruciatingly boring, but on the other it's oddly compelling, like some weird sort of performance art or an itch you don't mind scratching.

    Dave Hill,My Top Five Funny Things
    Don't leave yourself wondering, follow Eric Gilliland.
  • I love Mike Bocchetti. He is a force of nature.

    Tubby Man is just one of Mike's characters. Check out more here.
  • Bridgett Everett is my favorite. We've been doing shows together lately and it's a treat to watch her smack audience members in the face with her boobs every night. She should be playing Madison Square Garden.

    Thanks for sharing Dave! We'll have another list at the end of the month.

    Check out our previous comedians here.
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