Easy DIY Bath Bombs In 5 Steps!

Let's be real... We all love baths. Sure by the time we settle into one something disturbs us and its out of the bath. But, for those moments when we are able to just soak in and let go of all our worries, it really is just the best. Even better? When you add a bath bomb to it! 

We aren't saying you now should go out and buy this. It's so easy you can make it at home! 

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    Here's What You'll Need

    Via: Sunlitspaces

    1 Cup baking soda; 

    1/2 cup citric acid

    1/2 cup. Epsom salts

    1 tsp. water

    2 tsp essential oils

    3 tsp. olive oil

    food coloring

    bowl, whisk, jar

    bath bomb mold (you can also totally use a cupcake tray or ice tray!)

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    Step 2

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    Next, place all of the dry ingredients in a bowl, and mix them evenly with the whisk.

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    All the remaining items such as; food coloring, oils, etc.) pit them in the small jar or mixing bowl and go ahead and mix away. 

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    Step 3

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    Now, you don't want to just dump the liquid item on the dry. Otherwise it will all clump together, and we don't want that. 

    So slowly (and we mean one spoon full at a time) pour the liquid into the mixing bowl with the dry items and whisk together. The texture should be crumbly. 

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    Step 4

    Via: sheknows

    After it is well mixed, you can tightly pack the mixture into a bath bomb mold. Work quickly to keep it from drying out.

    We also found it easier to just pack the mixture into a cupcake tray or ice tray for smaller bath bombs. 

    But it's up to you!  

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    Step 5

    Via: sheknows

    After you have packed any mold you want and see that it has tightly taken. Go ahead and flip over the tray or lightly tap any mold you were using onto a cooking sheet. Lay them out over night and Walla! 

    They are ready to use! 

    Enjoy your home made bath bombs! 

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