Amazing Animal Rescue of the Day

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A wounded, malnourished wolf that had fallen into the freezing cold waters of the Limentra near Camugnano in the Italian province of Bologna was rescued and resuscitated by members of the the Monte Adone Centre for Conservation and Research of Exotic and Wild Fauna earlier this year.

The wolf, given the name Navarre, was found to be partially paralyzed and in an extreme state of hypothermia. He was brought to a nearby residence, where the Centre's staff and other volunteers warmed and dried him up.

Later, at the Centre, Navarre was found to have been shot multiple times with lead pellets, but, happily, the bullets did no major damage to his internal organs.

Slowly, but surely, the treatment and rehabilitation are beginning to take hold. Navarre still has quite a road ahead to full recovery, but the Centre says the tenacious animal "day after day demonstrates a strong temperament and an increasing desire to live."

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