10 GIFs Demonstrating The Ferocity of Red Pandas

Red pandas (or as they are known in the Monster Encyclopedia, "cuddly death-dealers") are oft-mistook for being cute and harmless but as these GIFs will show, nature can play cruel tricks. If you have encountered any of these beasts be glad that you are still alive, but please feel free to add more GIFs in the comments. They will GIF no mercy. (Link goes to more GIFs)

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    Here We Can See Them Practice Their Savage Attacks Under The Guise of Innocent Frolicking

    GIF of a cute red panda biting the tail of another for fun.
    Via: Senor GIF | Memebase

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    Red Pandas Have No Fear of The Cold Snow For It Reminds Them Only of The Coldness of Their Hearts

    GIF of a klutzy red panda walking and falling along a plank covered in snow.
    Via: I Can Has GIF?

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    This Pumpkin Was Fortunate to Survive This Ferocious Assault

    Rep Panda gif of one attacking a ball in the snow without much luck.
    Via: GIF
    Unfortunately, later it was made into a pie. It was delicious.

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    These Two Celebrate Their Deadly Cuteness With a High Five

    Cute GIF of red pandas giving each other a high five
    Via: www.youtube.com

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    An Encounter With One of The Red Panda's Oldest Enemies, Obi Wan Kenobi

    GIF of a red panda Jedi as Obi-wan Kanobi takes his light saber away.
    Via: thefrogman.me

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    In a Bestial Rage, One Red Panda Asserts Its Dominance on a Weaker Member

    Funny gif of a red panda jumping on top of another in a surprise attack.
    Via: gif

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    Again, They Will Practice Their Attacks Against Wild Insects Knowing That Only One or The Other Will Make It Out of The Encounter Alive

    Funny gif of a red panda attacking an insect and almost hurting himself in the process.
    Via: gif

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    A Graphic Reminder of What Could Happen Should a Horde of Red Pandas Catch You Unprepared

    GIF of Chinese woman that is hording red pandas and one seems to bite her.
    Via: gifs

  • 9

    Consider It a Blessing That They Struggle to Reach Doorknobs

    Gif of the cutest panda jumping up and down trying to open the door.
    Via: gif | memebase

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    Ok, So Maybe They Are About as Harmful as a Housecat

    GIF of red pandas getting startled and having a really funny reaction to doing so.
    Via: Animal GIFs
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