6 Outrageous Dating Profiles

Who says these things? And, who are the people that actually respond?

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    I'm Not Sure That's How You Should Describe Your Bathing Suit Area

    Via: TakeroS
    I have a follow up question: do "dem boys" stay dead once they're in? It's imperative I know this, because I do not want to die.

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    Always Blast the Nips

    Truly, they are exquisite.

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    She's a Classic Romantic

    Via: pipeline victim
    Does the walk after help shifting things back into their proper place? Or do you just like to walk funny across beaches?

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    This Man Is Immensely Confident

    Via: treatyoself90
    Can she not handle the foreplay because it's so good? Or, may I assume that the ladies just leave halfway through?

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    Message to Parents: Don't Do Drugs

    Was he in girls or boys beauty pageants? Are there beauty pageants for boys? I know nothing about the children's beauty pageant world.

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    Twinder? Is That a Thing?

    Via: your evil twin brother
    Looks like this brother/sister team is TWINNING! I must know if other twins have responded, I this a common thing in the twin world?

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