RIP Toronto Raccoon, Your Memory Will Live On Forever

You know it's a slow news day in Toronto when a dead raccoon captures the hearts and minds of the entire city.

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    Via: Jason Wagar
    It all started with a report of a dead raccoon to the Toronto non-emergency Twitter handle.

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    Via: Jason Wagar
    By noon, Animal Services had not yet arrived, so a concerned citizen left a note to assure the dead raccoon help was on the way.

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    By 3pm help was still nowhere to be found, but someone did leave the raccoon a flower, a card and a framed photo.

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    From there the memorial grew and the #DeadRaccoonTO hashtag was born.

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    Sharpies and memorial cards were added to the shrine and people left their heartfelt messages of love for the poor little guy.

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    Via: Norm Kelly
    One Toronto city councilor even called for residents to leave their bin lids open as a sign of mourning and respect.

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    As night fell on the city of Toronto, the dead raccoon remained and the candlelight vigil began.

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    Even Jesus came to pay his respects.

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    At 11pm, a Toronto animal services worker finally arrived to unceremoniously load the dead raccoon into a black plastic trash bag.

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    His furry earthly vessel may be gone, but the dead raccoon's spirit will live on in the hearts and minds of the citizens of Toronto for eternity.

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    RIP #DeadRaccoonTO!

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    Via: Thcrtgrphr
    UPDATE: It was only a matter of time before this happened. Stay tuned for the tiny headstone.
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