If You Love Video Games, You'll Love These Web Comics

Who doesn't love video games? These days there is something for everyone out there. These comics will remind you of old favorites and rub salt in the wounds from the gaming frustrations that caused you to rage-quit.

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    The Experience of Playing a Fallout Game

    Via: Dorkly

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    Deadman's Gun

    Via: The Punchline is Machismo

  • 3

    Every Other Game Ever

    Via: Escapist Magazine
    You ever play Spec Ops: The Line?

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    When Making Your Decision on Picking a Class in a Video Game

    Via: rpgfanatics

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    Serious V-Gamers Will Understand This Monument Towards This Trope in Video Gaming

    Via: Anything Comic

  • 6

    Booker, LOOK A LOCKPICK!

    Via: jaycrew

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    You Wouldn't Believe How It Smells, Either

    Via: sourcreamjunkie

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    Pixel Depression

    Via: noitego

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    If Legend of Zelda Was More Aware of The Fourth Wall

    Via: Safely Endangered

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    The True Ending in Mario

    Via: PieComic

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    So That's How They Come Up With Pokemon Names

    Via: Pickled Comics

  • 12

    Ash Caught Them All

    Via: Toonhole

  • 13

    Did You Ever Really Understand The Story Behind Pac Man?

    Via: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

  • 14

    Kids Today Will Never Know The Struggle

    Via: adamtots
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