Get Ready for the Holidays AND the Release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens With This Perfect Geek Gift Guide

What do you get for a Star Wars fan who has everything? Never fear, the vast universe of Star Wars merchandise is always growing! One of these cool, Star Wars themed gifts is bound to impress the geek you love.

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    Lightsaber Chopsticks, So You Don't Have to Pretend With a Butter Knife Anymore

    Via: thisiswhyimbroke

  • 2

    A Death Star Sphere Ice Mold

    Via: thinkgeek
    for your fancy whiskey. 

  • 3

    And a Classy Painting to Go With Your Classy Whiskey

    Via: EngramClothing

  • 4

    Or A Minimalist Poster for the Graphic Designer You Know

    Via: DesignDifferent

  • 5

    Pop Tarts of Han Solo in Carbonite

    Via: thisiswhyimbroke

  • 6

    A Lego Death Star, If You're a Big Spender

    Via: LEGO

  • 7

    A Death Star Waffle Iron, If You Aren't a Big Spender

    Via: thisiswhyimbroke

  • 8

    Matching Throw Pillows for a Romantic Decorator

    Via: slushieprints

  • 9

    A BB-8 Pillow for Someone Who Needs a Hug

    Via: thinkgeek

  • 10

    Baby Clothes for the Younglings

    Via: buzzabout

  • 11

    And a Matching Hat

    Via: TheOwlTreeKnittingCo

  • 12

    Crochet Characters, When Plastic Figurines Are Just Too Mainstream

    Via: PaintingsAndCards

  • 13

    An Early Christmas Present for Those Attending an Ugly Sweater Party

    Via: thinkgeek

  • 14

    But You Can Never Go Wrong With a Lightsaber Replica

    Via: Saberforge
    Always a safe choice.  
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