Cozy Up and Pretend to Get Warm, These Yule Log Videos Will Really Heat Up Your Screen

People used to enjoy lighting up a log of wood on the hearth but that's a fire hazard so technology has taken over with the Yule Log video. If you feel weird without the TV on while you're decorating or having company over during holiday festivities, the Yule Log is for you! Let the soothing seasonal sounds of fire crackling serenade you while you play these lovely Yule Log videos in the background of all your holiday happenings.

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    Anyone Going for a "Non-Traditional" Christmas Might Like Deadpool's Yule Log

    Via: JoBlo Movie Trailers

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    Ah, The Classic

    Via: 🔥Virtual Fireplace™

  • 3

    The Holiday Cheer Awakens

    Via: BenjaminApple

  • 4

    Hearthstone Fans are Welcome Around the Fire

    Via: Hearthstone
    Just don't hold those cards too close?

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    The Cuddliest Yule Log Around With Lil' BUB

    Via: Lil BUB

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    This Yule Log Featuring Nick Offerman Silently Enjoying Whisky Will Put Hair on Your Chest

    Via: My Tales of Whisky Official

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    Or Enjoy the Fire With an Adorable BB-8

    Via: Sphero

  • 8

    Rib Roast Roasting on an Open Fire

    Via: Sweet Baby Rays

  • 9

    The Daily Show Made Their Own Donald Trump Inspired Yule Log

    Via: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

  • 10

    Thanks to Minecraft, There's Now a Virtual Virtual Fireplace

    Via: Apprentice8

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    Why Stare at a Fire When You Can Stare at Cute Pets?

    Via: Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

  • 12

    And What's Christmas Without Jesus?

    Via: Jesus Christ
    Not sure why he needs a bottle of wine though, can't he just use water to make wine?

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    Apparently They Do Yule Logs in Asgard Too

    Via: Marvel Entertainment
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