Let These Christmas Web Comics Distract You While Your Family Argues About How to Decorate the Tree

Christmas time is a happy time, but it's also very stressful. Sometimes an argument breaks out amid the relentless holiday cheer. That's when you pull out your phone and stare intently at these comics to avoid all holiday family conflict.

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  • 1

    Your Friends Branch Off

    Via: Lonnie Millsap

  • 2

    Everyone Doesn't Get What They Want On Christmas

    Via: Bing

  • 3

    The Best Christmas Card Ever

    Via: Booky Nerdy Bloke

  • 4

    The Sad Reality About Santa

  • 5

    I Don't Wanna Grow Up

    Via: Hyperallergic

  • 6

    Rudolph How Did Your Nose Get So Bright?

    Via: Lonnie Millsap

  • 7

    Rudolph's Revenge

    Via: Pie Comic

  • 8

    It's Time to Go

    Via: Rain Dog Comic

  • 9

    You Could Say Santa Has Aides

    Via: Lunar Baboon

  • 10

    The Truest Three Letter Expression About Gift Giving

    Via: Loading Artist

  • 11

    The Solution to Post Christmas Emptiness

    Via: Safely Endangered

  • 12

    Back to The Christmas Future

    Via: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

  • 13

    This Explains a Lot

    Via: The Odd 1s Out

  • 14

    And That's Why Dad Has Twenty Ties

    Via: Sarah's Scribbles

  • 15

    Gives a Whole New Meaning to The Phrase Spoiled

    Via: For Lack of a Better Comic

  • 16

    What Happens to a Lot of Cats This Time of Year

  • 17

    How Christmas Stole The Grinch

    Via: Anything Comic

  • 18

    It's Helpful in Handling The Elf Con Artists Out There

    Via: Noitego

  • 19

    I Don't Think That Was Santa

    Via: talesofabsurdity

  • 20

    You Know What, Why Don't We Just Leave Out Some Cookies Instead?

    Via: linsedition
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