The Internet is Here to Help You Make Sense of the Oregon Standoff With Humorous Hashtags #YallQaeda and #YeeHawd

This armed occupation of a federal building is led by three of Cliven Bundy's sons. These Oregon ranchers want the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge land to be given to them. A spokesperson for the group has told The Oregonian that they are willing to "kill or be killed" but Twitter users felt the coverage of the event was unsatisfactory. They managed to fill in the gaps using hashtags like #YallQaeda, #YeeHawd and #VanillaISIS.

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    These People Are Serious About Their Cause

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    This is a real quote from a man involved in the standoff.

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    But They've Obviously Been Following the Wrong Bundy

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    If You're Confused About the Situation Don't Worry, Twitter Has All the Answers

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    Why Take Over a Bird Sanctuary?

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    Via apwriter
    Simple, it's where you start the #YeeHawd

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    Why are They Doing This?

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    Who Are These People?

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    Why Aren't They Being Called Terrorists for Taking Over a Government Building?

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    They aren't terrorists, they're "All-American", silly.

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    What's Next For #VanillaISIS?

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    Officials haven't shown up yet to break up the occupation of the militia, however it seems like the group is quickly running out of snacks!

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    They've Already Put Out a Desperate Plea for Supplies on Facebook

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    So Far This is The Plan to End the Standoff

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