You May Have Heard That #YallQaeda is in Need of Snacks. Well, The Internet is Here to Help

If you haven't been following the standoff in Oregon, just let The Internet bring you up to speed. An armed, and otherwise poorly supplied militia has taken over a government building. Now that they've official sent out an SOS for more delicious sustenance, the Internet is ready for round two of responses to #VanillaISIS.

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    Some People Were Very Understanding

    Via: HandleTaken

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    This Guy Even Designed a Flag to Help the Cause

    Via: memeographs

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    You Can Still Be Anti-Government and Pro-Snacks, Right?

    Via: bigrightfoot

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    How Thoughtful!

    Via: charley_ck14

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    Someone Always Has to Go For the Sweet Puns

    Via: grammar_peronist

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    This Kind Soul is Offering Up the Good Stuff

    Via: PaulyPeligroso

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    BRB, Going to Wal-Mart for Cheesy Poofs, Then Back to Fighting Tyranny

    Via: drvox

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    But This Woman Knows What the Movement Really Needs

    Via: VanAllenPlexico
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