The #MillennialBillofRights Predictably Features a Mix of Earnestly Frustrated Millennials and the Sarcastic Older Generation Who Mocks Them

If you're reading this, it's your lucky day. It doesn't matter which side you're on, at least some of these Tweets are guaranteed to fill you with rage. The hashtag #MillennialBillofRights is full of as many young people bemoaning their crushing debt as it is Baby Boomers parroting the usual "kids these days" complaints. Enjoy.

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    In This Corner, Weighing In At "When I Was Your Age I Paid for College With a Summer Job"... The Baby Boomers

    Via: @jenniferkateFPS

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    Via: @TrustedTrevor

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    Via: @kevinbehringer

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    Via: @chattycatthy

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    And In The Other Corner, With a Record of Six Unpaid Internships, Around $30,000 of Student Debt and Dire Job Prospects, Millennials

    Via: @edikamusic

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    Via: @michbeyer

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    Via: @jh_swanson

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    Via: @GenFKD

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    Ok, Well This One Could Go Either Way

    Via: @ssider1966

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    So Who Won? Well... Just Remember Boomers, Millennials Will Be The Ones Taking Care of You When You Get Old...er

    Via: @MktrAllen
    If they don't make GenX do it.
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