Didn't See That Coming of the Day: Old Chat Log Paints Ed Snowden as an Anti-Leaker

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The latest gossip about Edward Snowden says the 30-year-old NSA leaker wasn't always down with leaking classified intelligence, according to transcripts of chat-logs dug up from Ars Technica's #arsificial IRC channel. After relocating to Geneva, Switzerland in 2007, Snowden apparently frequented the chat room to discuss cultural differences or spout his opinions on current events, and in one particularly intriguing exchange from January 2009 about a New York Times report on the U.S. covert operations in Iran, Snowden was quoted as saying that anonymous sources who leak classified information to the press "should be shot in the balls." /EYE ROLL/

For the complete transcript, head over to Ars Technica!

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