Celebrate the Beginning of April by Watching This Roundup of April Fools' Day Prank Videos

On this day once a year, lots of people and brands scramble to release an April Fools' day video. So, here they are. Enjoy them while you can because tomorrow, everything goes back to normal.

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    We All Wish That This Trump Campaign Announcement Wasn't an April Fools' Day Joke

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    Now Safe Sex Can Be Rewarding!

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    Snapchat, Man.

    It's the camera of a new generation.

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    You'll Never Have to Look Up From Your Phone Again

    Via Firebox

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    Big Ben Just Got Even More British

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    Order Any Food You Want With the Power of Your Mind

    Via Deliveroo

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    Or Make Your Own Pizza via Robot

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    Aribnb Came up With the Perfect Spinoff, Lairbnb

    Via Airbnb

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    For People Who Value Authenticity More Than Personal Comfort

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    You Should Know Exactly What Song This Cover is Of, But You're Going to Listen to it Anyways

    It's not so bad when you do it to yourself, right?
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