A Photographer From Beirut Captured a Day in the Life of a Stray Cat

What do stray cats do all day? They search for food, they look after their kittens, and they take naps whenever possible. This sad photo diary is a good reminder to always spay/neuter pets! You can see a few more pictures from this photographer over on Instagram.

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    "I woke up today having the urge to capture and document a 24 hours in a homeless cat life. When I got to the streets I found it."

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    "It turned out that she's a mother..."

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    "it went through this door and I found that the owner of the house has offered some meat in the dish. Found her first meal today."

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    "She kept sitting till 6 am on their balcony. Doing nothing. Then she started feeding again her kitten"

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    "She took a 3 hours nap and just woke up."

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    "At 3:30 am, someone came with food to them. Their second meal in 12 hours."

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    "Playing with her kitten on the balcony of their 'home'"

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    At the end of the day, the photographer claims that "Someone decided to take them and take care of them." Let's hope so.

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