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MythBusters prove that Walter White's finale contraption would have totally worked
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Spoilers for the Breaking Bad finale if you haven't watched it in the two years since it aired. (What are you doing with your life?)

The man who knocks would have hit the nail on the head.

Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan joined Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman as they recreated the final, bloody scene of the show.

You know the one — when Walt McGyvers an M60 machine gun in the trunk of his car to fire on an oscillating, remote-controlled mount. Then it kills everyone.

Savage and Hyneman reconstructed the set up for the most recent episode of MythBusters and it completely, incredibly, totally works.

Check it out:

The bullets actually tear through the car, through the side of the makeshift house and into all of the bad guys holding Jessie Pinkman hostage.

It's a big victory for Gilligan as well, due to the fact that Mythbusters had previously debunked two different scenarios from other Breaking Bad episodes.

It turns out you can't dissolve a tub through a bathroom floor with acid or knock out a room with a chunk of mercury fulminate.

But this. This works.

It is so, so awesome.

Employees were arrested using a Taco Bell as a meth lab.
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Ever wonder why Taco Bell tastes so delicious even though you know it's terrible for you?

Well, if you live in Iowa, the answer to that might be more than simple sugars, grease and salt.

An employee and another man were arrested in Cedar Rapids Aug. 4, after police found traces of meth production in the fast food restaurant.

Eater, appropriately, has the story:

Public safety spokesperson Greg Buelow tells the news station that police officers responded to calls about suspicious persons at 4:45 a.m. When the officers entered the restaurant, they found meth lab remnants. UPI notes that police have not clarified whether or not meth was cooked inside the restaurant but police donned hazardous material suits as they investigated the situation.

Taco Bell corporate told the reporting tv station in a statement that "the incident was 'unacceptable' but 'isolated.'"

"The employee has been terminated and our franchisee is considering pressing criminal charges," the statement said.

Hmmmm, meth being run out of a 'Mexican' food restaurant...

Sounds like a pretty familiar idea. There's no telling where those criminal masterminds might have gotten the idea...

Via: David Elmaleh
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Ever since Hulu slapped every Seinfeld episode up, it seems like the 1990s show has resurged into modern parlance. That prompted YouTuber David Elmaleh to craft another take on what many see as a disappointing finale.

It seems like such an interesting beginning (or second season plot line) to a very different, dark and violent show...

Of course the sequel will be to open a coffee shop in Turkey.


Heisenberg of the Day: There's a Breaking Bad Themed Coffee Shop in Turkey

Deniz Kosan probably believes in the importance of two things.

Coffee and Breaking Bad.

The Turkish fan set up a Kickstarter, got funded and has documented the whole affair over a very well produced Instagram account.

It's called Walter's Coffee and we want to go there immediately.

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