Guy Pops Out False Eye to Prove He Didn't See Other Customer

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    Text - Posted by u/rde42 1 day ago Award from ZiggerTheNa... I really, really didn't see you! oc s This just about qualifies as malicious compliance, I think. Backstory: back in 2010 I had my left eye removed, due to cancer. It's no big problem but obviously my field of vision on that side is not quite what it was.
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    Text - On with the story. I visited a local convenience store to pick up a couple of items. It is a very small store, and there's no clear area to queue; just two narrow aisles in front of the counter, at right angles to each other. I collected my stuff and walked up to the counter just as someone was leaving it. I heard a small noise on my left, and realised I had gone in front of someone waiting in the other aisle. I apologised, stepped back and said "I
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    Text - can't see on that side". The guy smiled, but clearly didn't believe me and wanted to say so, although he didn't, possibly because he had a young girl (probably about ten years old) with him. There was an unspoken "Oh yeah, prove it!" I was in a silly mood. So I took my prosthetic eye out and showed it to him. He was a bit shocked. The girl thought it was cool. I replaced my eye and let him finish buying his stuff.
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    Text - Surrekatt Score hidden · 23 hours ago Field of vision on that eye is "not quite what it was". I love this. I genuinely laughed out loud. What are the best ways to mess with people? rde42 2 Score hidden - 23 hours ago It's not as bad as most people assume. It's not a 'line down the middle'. I just can't see past my nose, to the left.
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    Text - billyyankNova 2.4k points · 1 day ago I had a cousin who lost an eyeball when he was young. He used to tap his prosthetic with his fingernail to mess with people. rde42 2 2.3k points · 1 day ago I do that with a pen. In boring meetings.
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    Text - Score hidden · 21 hours ago rde42 There's a story (almost certainly apocryphal) about a guy sitting in a cafe. There was an attractive woman sitting at a nearby table; she sneezed, and her prosthetic eye flew out. He had quick reactions, and grabbed it as it flew past. He returned it to her, she invited him to sit with her, and they got talking. One thing led to another, and they ended up in a relationship and then married. One day he thought to ask her "What attracted you to me?", to whi


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