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Pink Paradise: Bahamas Resort Offers Yoga Lessons With Flamingos

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    Channel your inner zen surrounded by four flamingos

    Physical fitness

    Visitors to the Baha Mar Resort in the Bahamas are invited to attend yoga classes featuring a small group of feathered assistants. A total of four pink flamingos—Baha, Lynden, Indy, and Luca—take an active role, climbing over guests and investigating their poses with prodding beaks. A flamingo handler is on hand to manage the birds while the yoga instructor takes care of the human population

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    "Fitness can be taken so seriously, and we wanted to create a good way to get a workout in on vacation and get some great memories and photos out of it"


    "I wanted to create something unique where guests could walk away with a memory that was fun and something they couldn't get anywhere else.  Stacy Spurlock, the CFO (or chief flamingo officer), told Travel + Leisure. "Our yoga instructor is very comfortable around the flamingos and understands that the birds are very hands on. We let the yogis know that the birds will get on the towels, mats, hair and anything else they can find! Their beaks are like fingertips and whenever there's something new, their curiosity takes over."

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    As the national bird of the Bahamas, Flamingos are social creatures


    They can reach four or five feet in height but weighing just four to eight pounds. A pink flamingo's color comes from the beta-carotene in the seafood they eat. Without it, they would turn white.

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