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Adorable Koala Escaped From Burning Trees In Australia And Was Saved by a Water Tanker Driver

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    Damian Campbell-Davys is a water tanker drive in Nerriga, a town in New South Wales affected by Australia's devastating wildfires.

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    On one of his routine duties to fill up the tanks of fire trucks, he spied a tiny koala struggling on to the road from a group of trees, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

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    The driver could tell the poor creature was in need of immediate help, so he spent the next 90 minutes giving the koala a drink from his water bottle and caring for the sweet creature.

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    "After the horrors of yesterday, it just made my day," he told The Sydney Morning Herald.

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    Mr Campbell-Davys dubbed the koala "Tinny Arse" after a friend Liz "who always wins at the races", he said.

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    "This one was also a winner – fires were burning around him on both sides." "The koala population has been decimated. Kangaroos can hop away, but koalas can't escape," he said. 

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    Damien shared on facebook some heartwarming moments with his new marsupial friend:

    Selfie - © Damian Campbell-davys/Facebook

    After enjoying Campbell-Davys' company and the comfort of his truck's cab, "Tiny Arse" was picked up by a wildlife rescuer to be taken to an area away from the danger zone created by Australia's numerous wildfires, reports The Herald.

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    Mammal - © Damian Campbell-davys/Facebook
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    The little survivor:


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