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GIFs Of Elon Musk's Cringey Dance Moves

  • gif elon musk dancing next to woman on stage

    SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk was giving a talk at a Tesla factory in Shanghai when he suddenly started to bop up and down. We don't know how it began (did he have a small stroke?), but it snowballed quickly (to the glee of those keeping count of Elon Musk's public failures). 

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  • gif elon musk dancing forward and backward on stage shanghai

    After his unsure bopping, it appears that Mr Musk decided to take the dancing one step further, doing a strange, uncoordinated stepping move backwards and forwards. Please stop right here Elon, your dignity can still be salvaged. 

  • gif elon musk pulling jacket off throwing it away

    But instead of stopping, he takes it even further and opens his jacket seductively, showing the crowd his t-shirt over a long sleeved white shirt - can we just pause for a second and bask in the eye-watering glory of this shocking and frankly ridiculous fashion choice? Surely the billionaire has enough cash to consult someone on how to not look like a teenage boy from the 90s. Anyway, then, like the rock star he is not, Elon strips off his jacket and throws it to the poor woman on stage with him. 

  • gif elon musk dancing on stage egyptian move

    It continues. He begins to do a strange "walking like an Egyptian" style dance move before appearing to lose steam (thank god!). I don't think we could handle any more of this. 

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  • gif elon musk dancing on stage with woman hands microphone

    After one last dance move that communicates our collective confusion at the spectacle, Elon seems to come to his senses and takes the microphone that is handed to him. We are as baffled as you. We don't know what happened or why it happened, but it did. But we do know one thing for sure. Elon Musk really needs some dance lessons. 


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