There's a Map For Everything: Maps That Show The Weird Side Of The US

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    This Map Shows The Weirdest Town Names In Each State

    Map - Big Bottom Dummer Bald Head Mosquitoville Big Sag Zap Satan's Kingdom Little Boring Beer Bottle Crossing Chugwater Canada Handsome Chili Woonsocket Plenty Bears Free Soil Eddy Moosup Foul Rift What Cheer Coupon Worms Chicken Bristle Dull Santa Jackpot Nibley Booger Hole Fries Pig Flea Hill Claus Parachute Mormon Bar Skiddy Frankenstein Accident Whynot Smartt Catfish Okay Toad Suck Coward Flippen Paradise Pie Town Scratch Powered by Ankle Estately Ding Dong Waterproof Chicken Spuds Volcano

    If you grew up in a small town there are probably a lot of things you complain about, but hey, at least you don't have to complain about the name of your town. Unless, of course, you're from Booger Hole, West Virginia.

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    This one Shows What People Consider The Worst City In Each State

    Do you agree? Disagree?

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    Are you ready for the weirdest real laws of each state?

    how every state's craziest laws came to be

    It turns out our country is full of extremely stupid laws that are still on the books. This map from Olivet Nazarene University in Illinois lays it out for you.


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