Tumblr Thread on Mythical Creatures Is An Eye Opener

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    Black rhinoceros - a-book-of-creatures behold. a unicorn gallusrostromegalus I always thought animals in medieval manuscripts looked like the result of having to draw say. A Tree Kangaroo, but your only source for what it looked like was your friend who heard it from a fellow who knows a man who swears he saw one once, whilst very drunk and lost, and I am SO PLEASED to find out this is, in fact, the case.
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    Text - glamourweaver Questing Beast - Neck of a snake - body of a leopard - haunches of a lion - feet off a hart (deer) So is it
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    Giraffe - Or..
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    Wildlife - weasowl don't forget that some of the legendary creatures they were describing were from other people's mythos which were passed down in the oral tradition for gods know how long. You know what existed in Eurasia right around the time we were domesticating wolves into dogs?
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    Text - these beasties. For a long time, science had them down as going extinct 200 thousand years ago, but then we found some bones from 36 thousand years ago. Which, y'know, is quite a difference. Since you can bet that any skeleton we find is not literally the last one of its kind to live, many creatures have date ranges unknowably far outside the evidence.
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    Animal figure - In South Asia there were cultures that described a man-beast/troll forrest giant who's knuckles dragged the ground, and everybody from the west was sure it was superstitious mumbo jumbo, but you know what used to live there? Leenzuydge14


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