#GetInfluenced: New Year's Resolutions Edition

  • New Year, New Decade, New Me

    Text - i.need.more.attention alo ... 5k Posts 8,000 Followers 10,000 Following Kelly Blake Delusional Millionaire, Attention Addict, Fashionista * Momtrepreneur, Food lover, Blogger * Complex Vegan - only eat organic * Create content to fill the huge empty void in my soul

    I can't believe we're nearly a month into 2020. I swear it was only yesterday that I was in the midst of conquering 2019, being my best self and living my best life. But time has this weird way of creeping up on you and it freaks me out. Like… what is 'time'?

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    Actually, it's time for me to reveal my New Year's Resolutions. A TON of you have asked me to share them and honestly, I am humbled. As an influencer, I love being able to fill your lives with my wisdom and I feel truly and utterly #blessed.

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    Writing New Year's resolutions can be difficult; I found it hard to focus on my future when I am so stressed out about my present. The beginning of the year was rough because I experienced the thing that fills every self-respecting influencer momtrepreneur with dread…

    My housekeeper quit on New Year's Day.


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    She claimed it was unreasonable to insist she looked after my kids (aka, did her job), instead of being at home with her own children over the New Year. How she expects me to stay committed to my overflowing social calendar without a housekeeper is beyond me and quite frankly, borderline psychotic. 

    But, thank god for Yoga which is literally the ONLY thing keeping me sane right now. That and Vodka. #DontTellMyHusband

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    But I refused to let my housekeeper get in the way of my self-improvement. And so I came up with the following resolutions which I believe will transform my 2020 from fabulous, to sensational.  

    1. Drama Is Not The Enemy

    This is my year to shine, and sometimes, I believe that tactical theatrics is the only way people will take you seriously. And for those who don't support me in this, just remember: 'Drama' is just 'Karma with a 'D. Sort of.  

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    2. Facemask More

    I truly feel my best self when I am face masking. When my pores are clear, my vision is clear and I am able to accomplish anything I set my mind to. 2020 is the year for chemical peels and I'm excited about it.

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    3. Make My Kids More Candid

    Nothing discredits a mommy influencer more than having non-candid photos of her children on her Instagram feed. I love them, but this is the year I make them get it together because right now, they're damaging my brand.


    I hope you guys find these as inspirational to read as I found them to write. Let me know your New Year's Resolutions. See you next time, Kelly xoxo

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