Owner Levels With Customer Who Complains Over Dollar Taco

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    Text - Chino Tacos REVIEWS OVERVIEW ABOUT 2 months ago Got a street taco for $1.68 and it had 5 piece of beef on it. Horrible service. Not a good amount for what you pay. But they give you 2 corn tortillas with almost no meat and pile onions and cilantro on it. I asked why so little meat and he wouldn't even acknowledge what I was saying like $1.68 was cheap. Will not return. It doesn't matter what your building cost you! You chose to run an business and short change the customers. If you can't
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    Text - Response from the owner 2 months ago Tacos $1.68 each and you paid with credit card. I forgot to tell you the food cost Tortilla $0.05, meat $0.05 now you know how much I made to sale this taco Credit card charge me $0.28 I put it in the box for you, cost me $0.05 Employee cost $0.50 Electric cost $0.04 Gas cost $0.02 Salsa, onion, cilantro, Pico de gallo, on your taco cost me $0.1 Rent the building cost me $0.30 Sale tax cost me $0.13 Total me to make that taco $1.42 Net profit $0.26 Whe
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    Text - Roclawzi 1.4k points · 18 hours ago Once you count the number of pieces of meat in a $1.68 taco, you're dead to me.
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    Text - dragonpanda5514 1.7k points · 21 hours ago I find it really sad that people don't realise how much credit cards cost businesses, and why so many places have a minimum spend cost. I'm actually surprised this place accepted card for $1.68 really. € NorthEndGuy 925 points · 19 hours ago € Right. I 100% sympathize with the vendor financially, but I kind of have to default to: don't offer your customers options you don't want them to choose.
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    Text - jdc90403 414 points · 19 hours ago I would like to know where this $1.68 taco stand is. I'm hungry and I can pay in cash


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