These Web Comics Will Remind You Why You Love the Internet

You might already know why you love the internet... then maybe these comics will help you take a step back and appreciate it.

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    Granny's Gift

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    Via Souljunk

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    Made an Important Discovery in Time for the 100th Comic.

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    I tried single-spacing. I don't want to live in that world.

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    Priorities Change

    web comics growing up internet Priorities Change
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    Via acomik

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    So That is What is Responsible For The Increasingly Glib And Inarticulate Style of Arguments Popular Today

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    This Happens to Too Many Folks Online

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    Love At First Site

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    Social Media Simplifies Human Interaction

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    This Comic is Really Important

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    An Important Reminder Regarding The Internet

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    Via Pie Comic

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    The Truth With Regards to Arguing on the Internet

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    The Truth About Online Quizzes

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    You and Me Bo... Ooh a New Comic

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    Basically What All Quizzes on the Internet Are

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    Via Happy Jar

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    It Counts If You Never Take Your Finger Off

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    Via Kate Leth

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    Wait, I Thought Cosmos Said That Life Began With The Internet

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    Via XKCD

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    Somewhere in Nigeria

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    Friendship Nowadays

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