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Couple Postpones Wedding After Spending 40,000$ On Moko, Their Adopted Disabled Sheep

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    A year ago, they were still traveling the US with their giant micro-pig, Ziggy, and now they are also the loving owners of Moko, a disabled sheep who is unable to use his hooves and needs a prosthetic limb in order to walk.

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    The couple adopted Moko a year ago, after spotting him at a local farm and actually saved his life.

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    In the past year, they have spent more than 40,000$ on vet bills and mainly, on prosthetics for Moko:

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    "Moko is very much requiring 24/7 care, and we're always with him"

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    As you can see from the cheerful photos, the couple will do anything to make Moko feel comfortable, in spite of his disability:

    Room - © Caters News Agency

    "We've had baths with him and he even sleeps in our bed. Moko has prosthetics but he still struggles to walk on them so we often carry him around. To us, he's so beautiful and so happy that we don't mind waking up to his gorgeous face each morning when he sleeps in our bed", they told The Daily Mail.

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    The pair also own an animal refuge with over 62 disabled animals they have rescued from various meat farms across the US

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    Their refuge farm includes seven goats, eight horses, one donkey, and 33 pigs: 'We've pushed back our wedding after spending so much on Moko, but I just feel blessed that we have so many amazing pets"

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