Twitter is Blossoming With Puns for This Video of a Police Officer Arresting a Man Dressed as a Tree

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    tree puns - Screenshot - TVTEDDY Follow @TVTEDDY Police say "tree guy" is 30 year old Asher Woodworth? He told police he wanted to see how his act affected "people's natural choreography." RETWEETS LIKES 5 7 2:34 PM 24 Oct 2016 7 t5
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    tree puns - Text - John Wharton @WhartoJohn 1h @TVTEDDY @Sh_tMyCatSays has he been arrested for treeson? That's not fir. Dawn Dubs @Sh_tMyCatSays 55m @WhartoJohn @TVTEDDY I really want to see his mug shot CraigyWhyteFanClub @davidkerr1 970 2h @TVTEDDY @Chelletic hope they don't birch him Chelle @Chelletic 2h @davidkerr1970 @TVTEDDY Fir feck sake! 2 CraigyWhyteFanClub @david kerr1970 2h @Chelletic @TVTEDDY id be sycamore of your jokes. Chelle @Chelletic 2h @davidkerr1970 @TVTEDDY You are rustling
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