I Can Has Cheezburger?

Story Of Bindhi, And How She Rescued Her Owner

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    "I drive a truck and am going to school online. This cat has saved my life as much as I have saved hers. When I found her she was nearly dead. Nursed her back to health and look at her now."

    Cat - Outooth 1-80 08:56 EST FRONT AUM ron 17 mi EXITS
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    "I have lost nearly everyone I have loved in this life and sometimes it can be hard carrying on. But with a friend like this it sure makes things easier."

  • 3

    "No bugs, mice, or birds will escape!"

    Vehicle door - CASCADA
  • 4

    "We seal our trailers. Normally made of plastic, these are some of Bindhi's favorite adversaries."

    Cat - sxm POWER OUTLET
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  • 5

    "Juice box! She loves fruit juice but only gets a bit now and then."

    Cat - 19 PACK 16 oz. D ES Arizuna Green Tea NO wei GINSENGad HONEY PISTIEOAL C
  • 6

    "New box, who dis?"

    Cat - BINDI 12 PACK 11.5 oz. CANS Arizona Green Tea wet GINSENG and HONCY 3008 71585
  • 7

    "Chew the box!"

    Cat - Green lea GINSENG and HONEY PACI 11.5 oz. CA Ariz
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  • 8

    "REALLY chew the box!"

  • 9

    "That's better."

  • 10

    "Ate herself out of house and home."

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  • 11

    "On the hunt!"

  • 12

    "Lazy as the road is long. I love you Bindhi! Thank you for being the best co-pilot a guy could ask for."



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