Adult Fox Introduced To Fox Cub: Sweet Interaction

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Via SaveAFox
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Today we have decided to feature a video from a very special source. It's SAVEAFOX rescue! Here's a little description from their YouTube page: "Welcome to SAVEAFOX Rescue! The largest fox rescue in the USA allowing the most space for our foxes to 'feel wild'. We are a domestic fox rescue. What does this mean? We rescue foxes from furfarms and take in pet surrenders. All these foxes were born in captivity and could never be released so it is our job to give them a happy life! And although we specialize in foxes we also rescue mink and other surrendered exotics."

We completely support this amazing venture! Any efforts to rescue an animal in need are efforts that we here at ICanHasCheezburger full heartedly reinforce. We hope you enjoy this video of an adult fox meeting the fox cub called "mini" and giving her a thorough sniffing evaluation. If we can manage to make you smile, than we have achieved our goal.


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