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Couple Create "Fake Lap" For Their Clingy Cat

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    Ziggy Just love to sit on her owners:


    "When she bonds with someone it's just really intense," May told The Dodo. "She absolutely has to be sat on you. If there is no lap available for Ziggy, she always finds a way to get closer to her favorite people. She will sit squarely on your back or balance precariously on your arm or shoulder, she just has to be on you', May added. 

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    This cute behavior became a problem when Ziggy's parents started working from home more.

    Cat - F1 F2 Caps Loc

    Ziggy took advantage of the situation and started climbing all over her mom's desk and computer keyboard. 

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    When even placing a bed next to her working desk didn't help or satisfied Ziggy's needs, the couple knew they had to find some other creative solution.

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    And what could be more creative than creating a "Fake Lap"?

    Companion dog

    They took a pair of lounge pants, stuffed them to resemble legs and hid a heating pad in the lap of the pants. For good measure, they even added tennis shoe feet and a pillow stomach.

    Ziggy just loved it! 

    May and her husband know that the fake lap can not replace their real love and cuddles: "I think the trousers a bit too scary to keep up all the time," May told the Dodo, "but we'll definitely put it back out when we have a busy day of calls!"


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