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Gaming's "Grandma Shirley" Hits Video #300

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    Video 300

    It's always amazing to see gaming transcend generations in it's ability to bring marvel and appreciation at digital worlds. I've found even in my own experiences, the expansive landscapes of The Elder Scrolls games have an amazing ability to accomplish this. Everyone I've seen experience the game is pulled into its mystical world for some time. Shirley's videos hold that sense of wonder and genuine excitement that you have when you experience the world for the first time, that time before you get obsessed with fastest xp and fast traveling and really genuinely enjoy exploring an expansive new world.
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    Grandma Shirley Gets Her Silver Play Button

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    Following her 300th video Shirley posted a vlog showing off her silver play button, a well earned accomplishment. Check it out on her channel! Keep it up Shirley!