Twitter Thread: Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen In A Murder Mystery

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    Text - ML Brennan @BrennanML I think what l'd really like right now is a cozy British village murder mystery show where Patrick Stewart and lan McKellen are elderly widower neighbors who bicker a lot about their gardens, and also solve crimes. And there's a super hot grandson who has to drive them around. 1:03 p.m. 26 Mar. 20 Twitter Web App 5,487 Retweets 30.7K Likes
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    Text - ML Brennan @BrennanML So lan will be all, "You need to prune this hedge back! You think it looks fine, but it keeps putting shoots up over on my side!" And Patrick gasps and is all, "OF COURSE, that explains how the knife got into the locked breadbox! Call Lewis, he needs to drive us IMMEDIATELY." 1:07 p.m. 26 Mar. 20 Twitter Web App 105 Retweets 2,874 Likes
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    Text - ML Brennan @BrennanML And Lewis, who is lan's grandson is played by, you know, let's say Henry Cavill. And he shows up and is all, "I am supposed to be playing rugby with the lads, Granddad! How could you possibly have an urgent medical appointment right now?" And lan yells, "JUST DRIVE, LEWIS!" 1:10 p.m. 26 Mar. 20 Twitter Web App 91 Retweets 3,014 Likes
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    Text - ML Brennan @BrennanML Sometimes Patrick will need to search to discover a clue, and lan will fake illness to distract the host. "OH!" lan cried, slumping in his chair. "MY BLOOD-SUGAR LEVELS! PLEASE, A BISCUIT!" And the homeowner/murderer is all, "Agh! Let me get it!" While Patrick investigates. 1:20 p.m. · 26 Mar. 20 · Twitter Web App 80 Retweets 2,592 Likes
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    Text - ML Brennan @BrennanML At times a murderer will have to be apprehended. lan will shout, "LEWIS, TACKLE THAT MAN! HE STOLE MY PILLS!" Henry Cavill tackles the murderer, and then, on the ground, says, "Wait, are you sure, Granddad?" "Never mind that, Lewis. Check his pockets, you'll find arsenic." 1:22 p.m. 26 Mar. 20 Twitter Web App 81 Retweets 2,458 Likes
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    Text - ML Brennan @BrennanML The fun part of all of this (other than being a Patrick Stewart-lan McKellen crime-solving garden-crabbing star vehicle) is that you could employ every British actor as either: A: A Grandchild B: A grumpy middle-aged child C: An octogenarian friend D: A villager E: A murderer 1:48 p.m. 26 Mar. 20 · Twitter Web App 107 Retweets 3,489 Likes
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    Text - Kara McLeod @thecostumeczar Replying to @BrennanML Hugh Laurie is the befuddled neighbor who keeps witnessing shenanigans and doesn't understand what's going on and why the police are always around. And he's an accountant the grows roses competitively as a hobby and his club does NOT approve. 2:15 p.m. 26 Mar. 20 · Twitter for Android 36 Retweets 1,230 Likes
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    Text - ML Brennan @BrennanML Replying to @thecostumeczar Love it. Definitely the loveable, yet completely brainless, optimistic at all times. Hugh, "Say, I don't know what's to do with this, but my compost has been LOVELY this year! A few odd bones, though." Patrick, "Of course! That's what happened to the body!" Hugh, "Oh, I SAY!" 2:19 p.m. 26 Mar. 20 · Twitter Web App 21 Retweets 826 Likes


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