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4chan Tricks People Into Thinking iOS 7 Makes Their iPhones Waterproof

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    The post that started it all.

    Anonymous request on 4chan to come up with some way to convince people that iOS 7 will waterproof their iPhone.
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  • 2

    Anon delivers.

    Another anonymous user comes up with the material for the waterproof iphone hoax campaign.
  • 3
    'Additional Protection' is how the material pitched the feature of the iOS making your iphone waterproof.
  • 4
    4Chan hoax that update to iOS 7 would water proof your phone, used plausible concept that everything gets shut off if the phone gets wet. Seems legit.
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  • 5
    What is iOS? - this was added to make it look like legitimate Apple materials.
  • 6
    Twitter users respond angrily to 4Chan hoax about ios7 making a phone waterproof.
  • 7
    Another angry tweet about the hoax that ios 7 makes iphone resistant to water.
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  • 8
    Another tweet cursing out whomever made the prank that ios 7 somehow waterproofs your iphone.
  • 9
    Joking tweet about how iOS 7 does not make anything waterproof, and that his phone is now at the bottom of the river.


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