Sometimes in Parenting You Have to Be an Asshole, These are Not Those Times

  • 1
    Snapchat of kid crying because I wouldn't let him eat goat poop.
    Someone's being a little turd.
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  • 2
    Snapchat of a kid that threw a tantrum because dad couldn't make the waves stop.
    To be fair some *adults* can't explain the tides, but want them to stop too.
  • 3
    Kid crying because he was not permitted to let the child run through the restaurant with a knife.
    How many GTA videos has this kid already scene?!
  • 4
    Girl throwing a temper tantrum because she was called by her real name and not Elsa
    It's not identity theft if you ONLY dress like them!
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  • 5
    Kid crying because he was not permitted to rid the dog like a horse.
    A horse with Beagle proportions wouldn't really work too well anyways.
  • 6
    Little girl crying because the muffin can not be put back together magically.
    She's just not into Muffin tops.
  • 7
    Kid throwing tantrum right next to the car tires because he wasn't allowed to drive the car.
    If he's hit the milk bottle hard, he definitely shouldn't be driving.
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  • 8
    Kid crying because parent won't paint her teeth with gold nail polish.
    She's gonna be a beauty blogger one day, just to spite you.
  • 9
    Kid crying because not permitted to playing in busy intersection
    She's independent, ok?!
  • 10
    Toddler throwing tatnrum because he can't put toilet brush in his mouth.
    You might be the asshole parent, but at least he's not the asshole-breath kid.
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  • 11
    Girl in pajamas covered in hearts crying because parent won't remove the hearts from her pajamas
    She's got zero hearts for you now.
  • 12
    Kid crying after not being allowed to wash his hand more than 25 minutes
    Cleanliness *is* next to Godliness.
  • 13
    Kid crying because she thinks her parent really stole her nose.
    One day she'll nose better than to fall for this again.
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  • 14
    Kid crying because not permitted to have mayonnaise with her cereal.
    Cheerios and mayonnaise, not a combination that might even become a stoner munchie of the future.
  • 15
    Kid mad because parent won't let him grown bananas in garden because they live in Sweden.
    Stop letting that kid watch the Minions, and maybe his banana-obsession will ease up.
  • 16
    Kids throwing temper tantrum because she has to carry her own bag.
    Watch out, she's gonna be a free-loader for years to come.
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  • 17
    Kid crying because he can't eat his father's deodorant.
    Hopefully deodorant packaging and pushup yogurt packaging aren't getting too similar.
  • 18
    Girl crying because she didn't get an Mother's Day presents
    She's turning the tables on you already? Dammmmn...
  • 19
    Kid rolling on the floor in tantrum because shadow won't stop following her.
    Peter Pan had similar issues.


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