Guy Tries To Sell Ford, Choosing Beggar Crashes The Scene

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    Text - レ i 1 (385) Text Message Today 7:39 AM Is the Ford still available? Yes it is, would you like to come by and take a look at it?
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    Text - I would. Are you firm on the price? I can offer 1800. 1800? Are you serious? Yes, that is a generous offer. You said the lock on the sleeper shell is broken. With that in mind I want to offer less. The list price was 3800 though. The truck's value is for 5000 so it is already severely discounted. I can't take less than 3800.
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    Text - Come on please? Your truck isnt worth that much. I can do 1950, thats all the money I have. Please I really need a truck. Your truck isn't worth 3800! Uhh hello?? I can do 1950, its for my son He needs a truck for college Text me back!!
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    Text - Jeez I was driving Look I can't go below asking. I am selling the car for what I owe on it so that's the lowest I can sell for. Well just give the bank the 1800 and you can keep making payments on it. Just so it's clear. You want me to give the bank 1800, give you the truck, and keep making payments on a truck thatI no longer have?
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    Text - Yes Plz Can you? Absolutely not. That's not how any of this works. You realize you wouldn't receive your title if you did that? Wait why not? Oh my god. Look you should go talk to a bank and learn a basic understanding about how car loans work.
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    Text - I am going to refuse your offer, but thank you for showing interest in my truck. I hope you have a wonderful day. But how will my son get to school! Нey! I can do 2000 Fine, jerk. Only pussies drive automatics anyway.


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