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UK Dogs Are Being Trained To Detect The Virus In Passengers Arriving At Airports

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    An important "non-invasive diagnosis" tool

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    The team is aiming to train the dogs over a six-week period to help provide the "rapid, non-invasive diagnosis" tool.

    If successful, the four-legged detection devices could be deployed at airports to identify people carrying the virus.  

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    "The project will make a huge difference in the ability to control Covid-19 spread."

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    In an interview to AFP, Claire Guest, the founder and chief executive of Medical Detection Dogs, explained more about the project:

    "We believe dogs can detect Covid-19 and will be able to screen hundreds of people very, very rapidly so we know who needs to be tested and isolated. We have evidence that dogs can detect bacterias and other diseases, so we believe that taking this project forward will make a huge difference in the ability to control Covid-19 spread."

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    "Revolutionizing our response to the disease"

    Dog breed - Medical Detection Dogs are helping the NHS and saving lives We need your support now more than ever DIABETES ALERT F Thank you

    James Logan, head of the LSHTM's disease control department, said that "The project demonstrated dogs can smell odours from humans with "extremely high accuracy".

    He added there was "a very high chance" that they would be able to detect Covid-19 in a similar way and potentially "revolutionize our response" to the disease.


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