Dad Trolled After Tweeting About His 'Smart' Home-Schooled Kids

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    The sanctimonious tweet that sparked the outrage

    Text - Adam Lane Smith @TheBrometheus My wife and I never baby talk to our kids. We use full sentences and a wide vocabulary including complex words. My son is 3 and can carry a full conversation. Adults at family gatherings are shocked at his social aptitude. My daughter isn't even 2 and she uses 4-syllable words.
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    Turns out it was part of an attempt to plug his new, self-published book: Slaying Your Fear: A Guide For People Who Grapple With Insecurity

    Text - Adam Lane Smith @TheBrometheus This is taking off pretty hard so two things: Homeschool your kids if you don't want them exposed to rapacious teachers and poisonous families. Public school is a meat grinder where many die. And help support my kids' growth by buying my book: ADAM LANE SMITH, LMFT SLAYING YOUR FEAR A GUIDE FOR PEOPLE WHO GRAPPLE WITH INSECURITY ***** (56 Reviews) Slaying Your Fear: A guide for people who grapple with insecurity Slaying Your Fear: A guide for people who grap
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    People weren't impressed with his tweets, and started a funny thread bragging about how talented their children (and pets) are.

    Text - Renaissance Man-child @CogitoErgoJokes Replying to @TheBrometheus Which 4-syllable words does your daughter most often use? "Daddy, my apple is putrefacient!" "I've pooped myself, I must admit, reluctantly." "Papa, your viral tweet seems fabricated!"
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    Text - Shane Grove @ShaneGrove3 Replying to @TheBrometheus My sons ages 5 and 7 went camping for two weeks last summer. by themselves. They only took 10 matches and an axe. Plus the younger one is missing both arms from a boating accident.
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    Text - LubiePhilrunfreeFionn @lubiephil Replying to @TheBrometheus My daughter got her pilots licence at 2 years old, made her first HAHO parachute jump (35,000ft) at 3. Built her first flux capacitor when she was 4, now that she is 5 her main project is refining her perpetual motion machine.
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    Dog - C Nich @Texolinagan Replying to @TheBrometheus This is nothing, I spoke to my dog in full sentences since he was a puppy. He is now a skilled therapist and has a growing clientele. He is a great listener and gives fantastic insight.
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    Dog - Ric Freeman @ric_freeman Replying to @TheBrometheus I speak to both my cat and dog in full sentences. They now converse with each other in fluent Latin, Cantonese and Armenian.
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    Text - O'Máille @Flannimacgowan Replying to @commandrchief and @TheBrometheus Boring. My goldfish us currently writing a space rock opera.
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    Text - David #fbpe #RejoinEU @WhatWasltAgainn Replying to @TheBrometheus My daughter performed eye surgery on a Great White Shark from inside my wife's womb aged -1 month. The shark now copies her technique and fixes its short sighted fishy friends eyesight using a scalpel made out of coral.
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    Public school teachers also spoke up, taking offence to the tweet and defending their hard work and under-appreciation for their difficult profession.

    Hair - Eliza Eaton-Stern @ElizaEatonStern Is "rapacious" really the word you want to use here, Mr. Complex Vocabulary? Because my paycheck would take issue with that. Replying to @TheBrometheus I BECAME A TEACHER OTO GET RICH AND FAMOUS
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    Text - Eliza Eaton-Stern @ElizaEatonStern Replying to @ConcernedCdnMom and @TheBrometheus Hey, we teachers are well-known for our greed personally I love to show off my Target clothes and my mid-size Kia
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    Text - WASP SUMMER, from afar @WaspSummer Replying to @TheBrometheus So, you don't understand what rapacious means, then? If you knew any teachers, you'd know they're underpaid and overworked, and often pay for supplies out of their own pockets. The failure is systemic, but, sure, punch down rather than question the system that gives you privilege
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