Dating Fails

Sweet And Spicy Relationship Memes For Couples With A Sense Of Humor

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    Text - Photo caption - Him: Damn girl are you a math textbook? Her: No why? Him: Cuz you have a lot of fuckin problems @Gacel.Gomaloy @Dny. Drama
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    Face - me explaining to my boyfriend why we both have to hate this girl. my boyfriend aw
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    Forehead - Friends: You give the best relationship advice but you single... How is possible? Me: Coaches don't play...
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    Text - Text - Her: Which one of my friends do you think is the most attractive? Me:
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    Text - Face - When you first meet her & wonder why she single vs 4 months into the relationship & now you understand why
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    Text - If you love someone, let them sleep.
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    Facial expression - When you're having sex and your head keeps slamming into the wall so he puts a pillow up to help you
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    Text - Interaction - When she pays for your meal
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    Text - Food - Betty Crocker Newt 1CUP PUDDINC you make me SuperMoist. Yellow To: From:
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    Text - Andy Leeman @AndyLeeman91 The truth is most girls don't care about 6 packs or how much you can lift at the gym. If you really wanna impress her make her laugh, make her laugh so hard she uncontrollably snorts like lil piggy. Oink oink girl, you mine now.
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    Text - Photo caption - "Smile at that bitch one more time & imma smile in my mugshot tonight boy, keep playing with me" @rogalreem
  • 12
    Parrot - Me: I should calmly explain to him what's bothering me. Me to me: Tell him goodnight at 5pm.
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    Text - Terrestrial animal - I picked my girlfriend's phone I saw a contact saved with "FOOD DELIVERY GUY" I dial it To order for food and my phone rang
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    Hair - Her: he asked me what was wrong, I should be an adult and tell him. Her mind: nah, tell him "nothing". He should know what's wrong
  • 15
    Photo caption - When you last a whole minute instead of 30 seconds My powers have doubled since the last time we met
  • 16
    Text - Jessie Follow @mommajessiec [50 years from now] *visiting husband's grave* "I wanted to let you know that after all these years l've finally figured out where I want to go to eat."
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    Text - Text - When she says "fine go ahead and do whatever you want" STOP WRONG WAY DO NOT ENTER VIA 9GAG.COM
  • 18
    Dog - when hes givingu attention thenu remember what he did jan 3rd at 8:12 PM
  • 19
    Text - Hair - When he wants a relationship but all you want is dick.
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    Text - Text - When you've had an attitude for 2 days & he finally asks "Wtf is wrong with you?" It's showtime.
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    Text - Text - Follow @FWheezyy My friend got dumped last night and this morning we had a group facetime call where everyone shared how much we hated him and it was about two hours of going through what garbage this man is. At one point I said NASA is still looking for his hairline And now they're back together 10:22 AM - 30 Mar 2019 38,238 Retweets 336,263 Likes
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    Text - Text - When bae hasn't touched you in a while so you gotta give him a subtle reminder. @best of_grindr
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    Text - Text - *telling a story to gf* her: you never told me that before me: i thought i did? her: must've been your other girlfriend
  • 25
    Text - Face - When you finally meet your online girlfriend. -Ahh, i see you're a man as well.
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    Text - Fictional character - MY FARTS 0330 ME FIRST MONTHS RELATIONSHIP
  • 27
    Text - Facial expression - How text arguments go: She started it becasue she was bored; and now u mad asf and she's happy because u care
  • 28
    Sitting - Tgflx @Tgflx1. Sometimes when my girl makes me mad I upload pictures with her forehead edited to be slightly bigger ROX
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    Text - Text - Animals: *will kill each other for a chance to mate* Organisms that reproduce asexually:
  • 30
    Text - Photo caption - Me: Why you mad at me? Her: You should know why I'm mad. Me:
  • 31
    Text - Organism - Babe: I just wanna cuddle tonight Me: ok... *3 minutes into cuddling*. My penis:
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    Text - Anthropology - I want a cute relationship like this Tfw spookies get more coochie than you
  • 33
    Text - Text - If a woman says 'do what you want' Do not do what you want. Stand still, do not blink, do not answer, don't even breathe, just play dead
  • 34
    Text - Text - Friends: "Wow, you don't have a girlfriend. You are sad AF." Me:
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    Text - Face - Me in a relationship You have to do every single thing I say or we will not make it.
  • 36
    Text - Hair - in a relationship vs. single girl
  • 37
    Text - Green - What my Relationships are Built On Mutual Respect, Trust, and Understanding Insult-based Humor
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    Text - Text - Who says the perfect relationship doesn't exist IG @dank_savage_memes
  • 39
    Text - Text - When you've been dating a few months now and you can finally reveal yourself as the psychopath you really are.
  • 40
    Text - Cartoon - when ur going off on him and he tells u to "relax"
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    Text - Cartoon - her: come to bed me: I'm eating her: come eat me instead
  • 42
    Cat - When you ask her what's wrong and she says "Nothing", but then she spends rest of the day looking at you like...
  • 43
    Text - I hope whoever ends up with me enjoys my 10 alarms & when I snooze each of them
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    Cat - when u tryin to be cute but she gotta make everything sexual
  • 45
    Text - Text - Started dating the cute girl from Subway Now my girlfriend HAS to make me a sandwich ICANHASCHEEZEURGER.COM:
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    Text - Text - When you try to introduce a new move into the bedroom You had me at “Meat Tornado."
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    Photo caption - Cute Emergency eCuteEmergency Follow when you're mad at bae but still wanna hold hands RETWEETS LIKES 3,959 10,606 3:25 PM - 15 Aug 2016 6 137 17 4.0K 11K
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    Face - This how your girl looks when she comes in for the third time and you still playing video games
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    Text - Cartoon - When she say "cum where u want" an u got one sec left to decide 7:51 PM · 08 Mar 16
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    Face - Sometimes Hljustwakeup inthe moning. andAINbelooking at herin the carly light whileshe's still asleep. And drag this shoelaceacrossher facePAM WAKEUP THERESABUGON and Hlyell YOUR FACE She wakes upsereaming
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    Text - Text - rat "stream dark blue" mic Follow @r4tmic guy on tinder: h- me to all my friends: so this guy im talking to 9:27 PM - 28 Jan 2019 12,346 Retweets 110,453 Likes >
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    Text - Text - albert @albert12793506 just saw this on my girlfriends phone, their customer service is like no other e Q Search Pizza hut P Goodnight
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    Text - Snapshot - kam Follow @PatsKam Me at 80 years old showing up to my husbands ex girlfriend's job to remind her once again, she ain't shit. RETWEETS LIKES 216 277 9:00 PM - 16 May 2015 t3 216 277
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    Text - Text - When you can commit to a prank but not to a relationship IG: @tank.sinatra OWN Man Tells Wife He Was Joking When He Proposed 20 Years Ago
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    Text - Cartoon - Me: omfg he's so nice to me Me: Мe: Me: toooo0o nice Funny
  • 57
    Text - Face - *on a first date* ok dont let them know i stalked them online them: my aunt-- me: theresa or sharon
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    Text - Hair - When he doesn't seem to understand that my thighs might be thick, my patience, however, is not:
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    Text - Cartoon - When your girl is mad at you and you keep seeing the O pop up, disappear & then pop up again 17 different times CY EXIT (chuckles) I'm in danger.
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    Text - Photo caption - IT TOOK YOU 10 MINUTES TO GET HOME GOOGLE MAPS SAYS IT TAKES 8. WHO IS SHEP! See More Crazy Pictures & Videos on
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    Text - Cartoon - I miss I miss you you too


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