I Can Has Cheezburger?

Chicken Gets Muscular Human Arms In Funny Package

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    Sparkle's gets a package!

    Chicken - VISIT US AT USPS.COM TO: В012 BER FOR DOMESTIC AND INTEONATIONAL UE Label 2c uy 20 UN PO 0284 51 Paddd Flat Rate Envetope EPE y 2013 ID:95x125
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    A pair of muscular arms, from a very thoughtful Uncle.

    Design - TRACKED PRIORITY * MAIL * INSURED ARMS ICKEN ARM Dea Spakle. I Ka maMA Said at to Send ot Sut.. Popsbe Pme uns teen dow u.g. fa Sune thing thet 1 thoght h Cand ue from ti to tne Phate sa Mom en Dad to take a plan whe. tay G.! Ged Bless! U.l Beran place arms around neck of chicken. Do not ave on u ervised Lh pee in your pants. Repeat P.s. Alays Stay A mng From Reo : white
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    Close-up of the funny letter by Uncle Brian

    Text - DEAE Sprakle, IKnow moM My Said NOT To Send Out Props" because Your PAge was taken down.. But. .... .. u.B. FOUND Some thing thet1 thought You Could use trom time to time. Pease asL MOM OR DAd to take a ploto When they Can! God Bless Uacle BRian P.s. Always : white Stay Away From RED Buckets end Png thing with the WORD In it. ーる M |
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    And voila! Sparkle's new muscle arms looking like a feathered bodybuilder!

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    Another angle of the fabulous Sparkle rocking those arms

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    Then there's this Photoshop masterpiece!

    Bird - АTТЕМРТ 2 177КG
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    And finally, a new more photos of Sparkle living life.

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    Sparkle and Sparkle's twin when they were chicks! How cute!



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