Relatable Memes And Tweets About Working Retail

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    Text - d. @ClapGod Until you work in food/retail, you will never understand the level of stupid that exists in the world
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    Text - Too Sassy @lssaSassyBitch I just want customers to know when they complain we don't get in trouble we just make fun of you who's the real loser here <>
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    Text - stephanie france @Stephfrancex Said "sorry for the wait" to customer today and she turned around and said “no you're not". you know what you're right
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    Text - ABAKER @a_bakee Waiting for the day emojis are on POS systems at restaurants. So when a guest is being annoying I can put "O on the ticket.
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    Text - NM @ninamorla customers wanna be right soooo bad. like damn go clock in since u know so much
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    Text - Amy Carroll @Carroll_Amy_ the Purge but instead of killing for 24 hours we get to talk to customers the way they talk to us
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    Text - kimzee @life_iscraZzy I could die and my job would get a ouija board and ask if I got someone to cover my shift
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    Text - marina @marinagov, no situation is more uncomfortable than when a parent orders a drink and then their 21 year old orders a drink so u HAVE to id them but then the parent asks why didn't u id me? bc u have wrinkles sharon stop making me feel weird
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    Wood - Dylan @DYLANGILLİLAND1 Treat your waiter RYICAN EINZ Frank Lotion @702Austin if you ain't doing this to make the waiters job easier we can't be friends
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    Face - kiara @fvckseaworld me: can I get you anything else? customer: yeah, a million dollars me: <>
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    Text - maddi reid @maddireid_ don't tell me how rude our generation is because l've worked in customer service for over 3 years and l've never had someone close to my age yell and freak out on me like the older generation does <>
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    Text - andie @AndreaSpencee Millennial who is probably struggling to pay for their rent and education: tips at least 20% every time Above 40 with a platinum black credit card that weighs 3lbs: $1
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    Text - Hales @haleyoliviaa The only people that will ever have cash on them: 1. Drug dealers 2. Servers
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    Text - Mr.Konopka @StephenKonopka My girlfriend is a server at Texas Roadhouse, and while she was sleeping she says "you can substitute any side for no extra cost" I'm dead <>
  • 15
    Text - Mariah Hartjes @mariah_hartjes Me training a new person at my job: "So you're not really suppose to do this but this is what Ido"
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    Text - kelly @Keally22 Therapy: expensive Venting to your coworkers bc you know they literally can't walk away and are stuck near you for another 3 hours of this shift: free


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