Amateur Bakers Whose Creations Look Professional

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    "She wasn’t impressed by my Macarons"

    Food - Dog
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    "Patient baked these uterus cookies and gifted them at the pre-op appointment prior to her hysterectomy."

    Food - Pink
  • 3

    “My grandma’s mom used to make a blackberry jam cake every year for her birthday. Grandma mentioned she wished she could taste it again. Eventually, I managed to cook the cake according to her descriptions.”

    Food - Food - 188
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    "The day my best friend and I made 19 trays of Armenian paklava for my daughter’s wedding. We laughed, we cried, and we buttered!"

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  • 5

    "My best friends daughter asked for a birthday cake that looks like her pony French Fry. I did my best!"

    Food - Food
  • 6

    "15 layer rainbow cake with buttercream frosting for my brother's 31st birthday that somehow stayed upright."

    Food - Cake decorating - 31
  • 7

    "Done for today. Please excuse my mess! I just finished working."

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  • 8

    "You know it's a nice glaze when you can see yourself taking the picture in it."

    Food - Doughnut
  • 9

    "All the birthday cakes I’ve baked for my bf since I took up baking as a hobby thanks to his suggestion 4 years ago."

    Food - Wiittahers DARK ONGWIN
  • 10

    "Made a teeny tiny sandwich bread loaf just for kicks!"

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  • 11

    “My stepdad made this incredible corgi cake for my mom’s coworker. She just adopted a new corgi after the passing of her old one a few months ago.”

    Dog - Aat
  • 12

    "38 weeks pregnant, but I found the energy to bake this fruit tart (the craving is REAL)."

    Food - Dish


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