Elderly Woman Finds Lost Stuffed Animal In This Adorable Facebook Thread

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    Teddy bear - 11h Found: This little friend couldn't finish his walk and fell asleep on the sidewalk on River Mist, beside the pond where the ducks are fed. We picked him up and he is enjoying some chocolate chips and water. This retired teacher and Granny will wait until someone picks him up. See 3:47 pm Update! Sweetchool chipe pur mi-sucré te falte aver des inpr
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    Child - 7h Update: 3:47pm Our lost friend has had a nap and is now playing guitar, hanging with his new friend. He's wanting a sleepover. I actually think he wants to go home.... but where is home? See 7:00pm update.
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    Major appliance - Update: 7:00pm Bathtime! I guess it's time for a sleepover! I sure wish he could find his way home. Did you lose him today on River Mist Road? He's had quite a day. See storytime post to follow. Tes wapR
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    3h Update: 7:45pm storytime.... "OK, just one more." Goodnight video to follow at 8:00pm. This Granny needs a rest. He's feeling a bit homesick. Does he belong to you? See bedtime update. Good Night all. I will keep you posted. I Really Like Slop! An ELEPHANT& A Gerald and Piggie ds of Glod Wonarst No. Do OMETHING BEAUTIFUL +5 Thank You God God is Watchin Over You
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    Product - Bedtime by the fireplace. Sweet dreams. Is he yours? He's had a busy day and wants to find his bestest friend. In the meantime, he is safe.. and having a blast:)
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    Day Two

    Dog - This little guy was found on the sidewalk on Rivermist beside the Half Moon Bay park. He's visiting with us so pm me if he's your little ones.
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    Fur - 56m Does Kit belong to you? We found him on River Mist Road yesterday. Convos with Kit.... cont'd: Kit: LOOK Granny! I have the same colour hair as Pa! Granny: Well he is your Grandfather. Kit: ... and THAT is so important. Granny: Yes. Yes it is.
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    Lost- on River Mist Road, yesterday Is he yours? Convos with Kit (continued) (Conversations with Kit) How can someone be so "on top of the world" at 6:00am? Granny: Aren't you tired? Kit: Nope! Granny: Are you ready to go home? Kit: Nope! AFBAND GREENLAND ICELAND SWEDENH NORWAY toc o UNItED KONGDOM DENMARK co CLA RELAND EUROPE FEDERATION RUSSIAN CANADA MORTH AMERICs UDSON
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    Teddy bear - 1h LOST: on River Mist Road, yesterday. Is he yours? Convos with Kit Kit: May I have coffee? Granny: No, kittens don't drink coffee. Kit: I'm hungry. Granny: Cheerios? now


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