Tumblr Post: Paranormal Activity Is Bored Kids Causing Trouble

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    Text - thecheshiresmiles everytime I hear about children of the corn I think about the guy I met at comic con who actually lived in the town they filmed that movie at, and on the farm where they filmed in the corn. he was a teenager at the time and him and his friends would get drunk on moonshine and rustle the corn and let the air out of the tires of the production team's trailers and shit. and now there's Wikipedia pages about how the children of the corn set was haunted and they thought they
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    Text - trashcandean I don't like adding to posts but I also have a funny story like this, so I was watching the movie the Blair witch which takes place in burkettsville maryland, which to me is so funny because that is were my grandfather lives and the town is literally just old people and cows with their main street consisting of a post office. Well anyway he told me that after it came out people were coming in like bus loads to the town to find the witch and my grandfather lives up in the Moun
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    Text - ginathethundergoddess We had ghost hunters come to a historic house in my town to film and if you think every high school kid in town respectfully stayed at home that night instead of going to fuck up that filming you're dead wrong. animentality this is comforting, actually, sometimes paranormal things are just a bunch of bored people dicking around in the woods. thepoorgroomsbrideisatrot New favorite cryptid: locals


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