Everyone Wants This Man to Drive Them to the Airport After an Angry Christmas Tweet

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    This Christmas Rant Ended With an Offer to Drive People to the Airport

    Text - Anish Patel @AnishUKIP 2h I know this is early, Merry Christmas to all. We are a western Christian country. If this country loses its identity the rest is meaningless t 48 15 68 Anish Patel @AnishUKIP And If people are offended by Christmas, I will personally drive them to the airport myself

    Presumably to help them leave the country, how kind. For obvious reasons, these tweets are now deleted, but at least we still have the screenshots!

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    And Then People Started to Take Him Up on It

    Text - Christmas®Watch Follow @XmasWatch Can anyone who is offended by #UKIPChristmas and who needs a free lift to the airport contact @AnishUKIP for details. Please RT.
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    A LOT of People

    Text - Sam Wise @SamWise24 @Alby @AnishUKIP I'm also heading off from Heathrow on the 23rd, think you could swing by mine as well? Could car share? 3:37 PM -3 Dec 2016 Rachel M @montfelisky @AnishUKIP Hi Anish, I'm offended by Christmas and would hate to be shipped off to Spain via Gatwick on 5th January. Thanks doll! 2:06 AM -5 Dec 2016 Fergus Boden @fergusboden Hi @anishukip, is this the one I tweet for free airport pickups? Do you do early mornings to Edinburgh airport? Offended by xmas etc.

    via @montfelisky, @fergusboden

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    Text - Kevin Clark Follow @kevinclarkjp @XmasWatch @AnishUKIP I'm offended enough to leave home but not the country. Going to spend New Year with the in-laws in London. Lift?
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    Text - Noël-by Cx @Alby @AnishUKIP i am very offended by christmas and i would hate it if I had to leave the uk via heathrow at two pm on the 23rd 3:33 PM-3 Dec 2016 Brendon Hope @BrendonHope @AnishUKIP Hey Anish, I'm offended by Christmas, can I get a lift to stansted on Monday 12th of Dec, and. Pick up on the 19th awesome thanks 3:20 PM-3 Dec 2016 Tim @ruudboy @AnishUKIP Hi Anish - I'm offended by Christmas and I'm flying out of Luton on Thursday. Pick me up at about 10.15am? 3:19 PM - 3 Dec 2

    via @BrendonHope, @ruudboy

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    Text - Вeе Bee @Вее eеB_ Follow @XmasWatch @AnishUKIP I've got a trip to Rome next week so a lift to the airport would be great. Are you able to pick me up when I get back?
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    Unfortunately, It Looks Like He Wasn't Serious

    Text - XMAS IS A MISTAKE @Judoon_Platoon Dec 4 @XmasWatch @leftoutside @Anish U KIP Christmas makes me sick. Anyway, my flight leaves Stansted at 6am on Feb 14th, cheers pal 1 1 XMAS IS A MISTAKE @Judoon_Platoon Dec 4 @AnishUKIP Anish, pal, I can't tell you how sick Christmas makes me. Pls reply with confirmation of my booking 1 XMAS IS A MISTAKE @Judoon_Platoon Dec 5 LEAVE MEANS LEAVE Anish Patel @AnishUKIP You are blocked from following @AnishUKIP and viewing @AnishUKIP's Tweets. Learn more


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